Build status for Ubuntu Xenial in Copy archive test-rebuild-20151218.1-pie-z-now for Matthias Klose

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Failure type Main archive Ports archive
arch (F) Package failed to build 760 245 232
arch (X) Cancelled build 2 1
arch (M) Package is waiting on another package 22 59 100
arch (C) Failure in the chroot
arch (U) Failed to upload

main: 19 packages (top)

Package Version Set? Main archive Ports archive Bugs
camlp5 6.14-1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
golang-github-mattn-go-sqlite3 1.1.0~dfsg1-1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
libbonobo 2.32.1-3 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
lintian amd64 (F)Log 1451528 1289819 PTS BTS
mknbi 1.4.4-11 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
netcfg 1.135ubuntu1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
paramiko 1.15.3-1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
piston-mini-client 0.7.5-0ubuntu2 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
pkg-create-dbgsym 0.70 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
pyjunitxml 0.6-1.1build1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
python-configglue 1.1.2-0ubuntu2 amd64 (F)Log 1504288 PTS BTS
python-debian 0.1.27ubuntu1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
reiser4progs 1.1.0-1.1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
routes 2.2-1ubuntu1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
sbsigntool 0.6-0ubuntu10 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
seabios 1.8.2-1ubuntu1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
shim 0.8-0ubuntu2 amd64 (F)Log 1429978 PTS BTS
update-manager 1:15.10.3 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
xorg-gtest 0.7.1-0ubuntu1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS

restricted: 3 packages (top)

Package Version Set? Main archive Ports archive Bugs
nvidia-graphics-drivers-310-updates 310.44-0ubuntu2 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
nvidia-graphics-drivers-319 319.60-0ubuntu1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
nvidia-graphics-drivers-319-updates 319.60-0ubuntu2 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS

universe: 900 packages (top)

Package Version Set? Main archive Ports archive Bugs
3dldf 2.0.3+dfsg-4build1 ppc64el (F)Log s390x (F)Log PTS BTS
about-distro 2.0.1-0ubuntu1 amd64 (F)Log ppc64el (F)Log s390x (F)Log PTS BTS
access-modifier-checker 1.4-2 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
acl2 7.1-1 amd64 (F)Log ppc64el (F)Log s390x (M)Log 1152898 1293125 PTS BTS
activemq 5.6.0+dfsg1-5 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
activemq-protobuf 1.1-3build1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
advi 1.10.2-2build3 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
aegisub 3.2.2+dfsg-3 ppc64el (M)Log s390x (M)Log PTS BTS
aespipe 2.4c-1ubuntu1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
afnix 2.5.1-1 ppc64el (F)Log PTS BTS
akuma 1.9-1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
altos 1.6-1 amd64 (F)Log ppc64el (F)Log s390x (F)Log PTS BTS
amarok 2:2.8.0-0ubuntu6 s390x (M)Log PTS BTS
analitza4 4:4.14.3-0ubuntu1 amd64 (F)Log ppc64el (F)Log s390x (F)Log PTS BTS
anet 0.3.1-1ubuntu1 ppc64el (F)Log PTS BTS
animal-sniffer 1.11-1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
annotation-indexer 1.9-1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
antlr-maven-plugin 2.2-2 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
antlr3 3.5.2-4 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
antlr3.2 3.2-14 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
antpm 1.17-2 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
apache-curator 2.7.1-1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
apache-directory-api 1.0.0~M20-3 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
apache-directory-server 2.0.0~M15-3 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
apache-mime4j 0.7.2-4 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
aplus-fsf 4.22.1-6 amd64 (F)Log ppc64el (F)Log s390x (F)Log PTS BTS
approx 5.5-2build1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
apt-btrfs-snapshot amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
ara 1.0.31build2 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
argparse4j 0.4.4-1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
argus 1:2.0.6.fixes.1-16.3 ppc64el (F)Log PTS BTS
argus-client 2.0.6.fixes.1-3 amd64 (F)Log ppc64el (F)Log s390x (F)Log PTS BTS
arora 0.11.0+qt5+git2014-04-06-1 amd64 (F)Log ppc64el (F)Log s390x (F)Log PTS BTS
artikulate 4:15.08.2-0ubuntu1 s390x (M)Log PTS BTS
aspectc++ 1:1.2+svn20150823-1 ppc64el (F)Log s390x (F)Log 1229531 1021394 PTS BTS
aspectj-maven-plugin 1.7-1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
atdgen 1.3.1-1build2 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
avro-java 1.7.7-1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
axiom 20140801-11 amd64 (F)Log s390x (M)Log PTS BTS
axmlrpc 1.8.1-1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
azr3-jack 1.2.3-2build2 amd64 (F)Log ppc64el (F)Log s390x (F)Log PTS BTS
babel 1.4.0.dfsg-8.2 amd64 (F)Log ppc64el (F)Log s390x (F)Log 1275235 PTS BTS
banshee 2.9.0+really2.6.2-3ubuntu1 amd64 (F)Log ppc64el (F)Log s390x (F)Log PTS BTS
banshee-community-extensions 2.4.0-4ubuntu1 s390x (M)Log 1268331 PTS BTS
barry 0.18.5-1.1build3 amd64 (F)Log ppc64el (F)Log s390x (F)Log PTS BTS
basex 8.2.3-1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
bcron 0.10-3 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
beanbag 1.9.2-1build1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
beets 1.3.8+dfsg-2 amd64 (F)Log 1502394 PTS BTS
berkeley-express 1.5.1-1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
biniou 1.0.9-1build1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
bintray-client-java 0.8.1-2 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
blacs-pvm 1.1-21 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
bnfc 2.8-4 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
bobcat 4.01.03-2ubuntu1 amd64 (F)Log ppc64el (F)Log s390x (F)Log PTS BTS
bodega-client 0.2-0ubuntu4 amd64 (F)Log ppc64el (F)Log s390x (F)Log PTS BTS
bombono-dvd 1.2.2-0ubuntu8 amd64 (F)Log ppc64el (F)Log s390x (F)Log 1482780 PTS BTS
bookkeeper 4.2.4-3 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
botch 0.16-2ubuntu2 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
breadability 0.1.20-4 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
bridge-method-injector 1.13-1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
bro 2.4.1+dfsg-2 amd64 (F)Log s390x (M)Log PTS BTS
build-helper-maven-plugin 1.8-1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
buildapp 1.5.5-1 ppc64el (M)Log s390x (M)Log PTS BTS
buildbot 0.8.9-2ubuntu1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
bwctl 1.5.4+dfsg1-1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
bytecode-compatibility-transformer 1.5-1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
bzr-builder 0.7.3-0ubuntu1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
cadabra 1.39-0.2ubuntu2 amd64 (F)Log ppc64el (F)Log s390x (F)Log PTS BTS
cafeobj 1.5.4-4 ppc64el (M)Log s390x (M)Log PTS BTS
camgrab 0.1-1ubuntu2 amd64 (F)Log ppc64el (F)Log s390x (F)Log PTS BTS
camlimages 1:4.2.0-1build1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
camlmix 1.3.1-3build1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
camlp4 4.02.1+3-2 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
camomile 0.8.4-4build1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
capistrano 3.2.1-1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
carrotsearch-randomizedtesting 2.1.6+dfsg-1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
cernlib 20061220+dfsg3-4.2 amd64 (F)Log s390x (F)Log 841531 PTS BTS
cfengine3 3.6.2-4 ppc64el (F)Log PTS BTS
check-postgres 2.22.0-1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
chemfp 1.1p1-2.1 s390x (M)Log PTS BTS
choqok 1.5-2ubuntu2 s390x (M)Log PTS BTS
ciborium 0.2.12+15.10.20150612-0ubuntu2 amd64 (F)Log ppc64el (F)Log s390x (F)Log 1431872 PTS BTS
cirkuit 0.4.3-0ubuntu1 amd64 (F)Log ppc64el (F)Log s390x (F)Log PTS BTS
ck 0.4.4-1 ppc64el (F)Log s390x (F)Log PTS BTS
cl-plplot 0.6.0-4 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
cld2 0.0.0-git20150806-2 s390x (F)Log PTS BTS
clirr-maven-plugin 2.3-1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
clisp 1:2.49-9ubuntu1 s390x (M)Log PTS BTS
clojure-maven-plugin 1.3.3-3 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
cobertura-maven-plugin 2.3+dfsg-3 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
commons-configuration 1.10-4ubuntu1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
commons-csv 1.2-1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
commons-exec 1.3-1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
commons-jcs 2.0~beta1-1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
commons-math 2.2-5 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
commons-pool2 2.4.2-1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
compizconfig-backend-kconfig 0.9.2-0ubuntu1 amd64 (F)Log ppc64el (F)Log s390x (F)Log 935061 PTS BTS
confluence 0.10.6-7build4 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
connectome-workbench 1.1.1-1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
consul-migrate 0.1.0-1 amd64 (F)Log s390x (F)Log PTS BTS
coq 8.4pl4dfsg-3build2 amd64 (F)Log 935063 PTS BTS
cordova-ubuntu-3.4 3.4~pre3.r19ubuntu1 amd64 (F)Log ppc64el (F)Log s390x (F)Log PTS BTS
cowdancer 0.73 ppc64el (F)Log PTS BTS
cppformat 1.1.0+ds-3 ppc64el (F)Log PTS BTS
cqrlog 1.9.0-5 ppc64el (M)Log s390x (M)Log PTS BTS
cronolog 1.6.2+rpk-1ubuntu1 amd64 (F)Log ppc64el (F)Log s390x (F)Log PTS BTS
cryptokit 1.10-1build1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
cryptote 0.5.390-0ubuntu3 ppc64el (F)Log s390x (F)Log PTS BTS
cssparser 0.9.5-1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
csync-owncloud 0.50.8-0ubuntu2 amd64 (F)Log ppc64el (F)Log s390x (F)Log PTS BTS
ctfutils 9.2-5.1 ppc64el (F)Log s390x (M)Log PTS BTS
cuba 3.0+20111124-2 amd64 (F)Log ppc64el (F)Log 1507788 PTS BTS
cudf 0.7-2build3 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
cutter-testing-framework 1.1.7-1.2ubuntu3 amd64 (F)Log ppc64el (F)Log s390x (F)Log PTS BTS
cuyo 2.0.0brl1-3 amd64 (F)Log 945392 PTS BTS
cvm 0.96-1.2 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
cyrus-imspd 1.8-3 amd64 (F)Log ppc64el (F)Log s390x (F)Log PTS BTS
datapacker 1.0.1+nmu2 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
ddrescueview 0.4~alpha2-1 ppc64el (F)Log s390x (F)Log PTS BTS
deal.ii 8.1.0-5build1 s390x (M)Log PTS BTS
debbugs amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
debdry 0.2.1-1build1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
deborphan amd64 (F)Log ppc64el (F)Log s390x (F)Log PTS BTS
deets 0.2.1-4 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
dh-make-golang 0.0~git20150913.0.1221041-1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
dicomnifti 2.32.1-1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
dict-af 20070203-3 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
didjvu 0.6-1ubuntu3 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
dino 0.2.8-3build4 amd64 (F)Log ppc64el (F)Log s390x (F)Log PTS BTS
ditaa 0.10+ds1-1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
django-conneg 0.9.4-2 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
django-evolution 0.6.7-1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
django-ldapdb 0.2.0-1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
djinn 2014.9.7-4 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
dmtcp 2.3.1-6 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
doc-linux-hr 20000416.1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
dochelp 0.1.3 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS 1.6.2~dfsg1-1ubuntu4 amd64 (F)Log 1488666 PTS BTS
dooble 0.0+svn874-0ubuntu3.1 amd64 (F)Log ppc64el (F)Log s390x (F)Log PTS BTS
doublecmd 0.6.6-1 ppc64el (M)Log s390x (M)Log PTS BTS
doxia-maven-plugin 1.1.4-2 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
dozzaqueux 3.42-1 ppc64el (M)Log s390x (M)Log PTS BTS
drbd-doc 8.4~20140825-1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
drift 2.2.3-2.3 amd64 (F)Log ppc64el (F)Log s390x (F)Log PTS BTS
dspdfviewer 1.13.1-2 s390x (F)Log PTS BTS
dtd-parser 1.2~svn20110404-1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
dump 0.4b44-7 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
easymp3gain 0.5.0+svn135-6 ppc64el (F)Log s390x (F)Log PTS BTS
easystroke 0.6.0-0ubuntu5 amd64 (F)Log ppc64el (F)Log s390x (F)Log PTS BTS
eclipse-mylyn 3.12.0-1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
eclipse-mylyn-tasks-github 3.3.0-1 amd64 (F)Log 1502510 PTS BTS
eclipse-pydev 3.9.2-4 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
eclipse-rse 3.4.2-2 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
eclipse-subclipse 1.10.3-1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
eclipse-wtp 3.6.3-1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
edubuntu-meta 14.11.1 s390x (F)Log PTS BTS
efitools 1.4.2+git20140118-0ubuntu1 ppc64el (M)Log s390x (M)Log PTS BTS
eigen2 2.0.17-1ubuntu1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
elixir-lang 1.1.0~0.20150708-1 amd64 (X)Log ppc64el (X)Log PTS BTS
elmerfem 6.1.0.svn.5396.dfsg2-4ubuntu4 s390x (F)Log PTS BTS
erlang-bitcask 1.6.7+dfsg-1ubuntu1 amd64 (F)Log ppc64el (F)Log s390x (F)Log 1502511 PTS BTS
evernote-mode 0.41-3.1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
exec-maven-plugin 1.1.1+dfsg-3 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
ext3grep 0.10.2-3 s390x (F)Log PTS BTS
extlib 1.7.0-2build1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
falselogin 0.3-4 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
fastinfoset 1.2.12-1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
fatrat-czshare 1.1.3-1 amd64 (M)Log ppc64el (M)Log s390x (M)Log PTS BTS
fatrat-opensubtitles 1.1.3-1 amd64 (M)Log ppc64el (M)Log s390x (M)Log PTS BTS
faucc 20120707-1 s390x (F)Log PTS BTS
faumachine 20120707-3 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
fedmsg 0.9.3-2 amd64 (F)Log 1277575 PTS BTS
felix-utils 1.6.0-1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
fest-assert 2.0~M10-1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
fest-reflect 1.4.1-1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
fest-test 2.1.0-1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
fest-util 1.2.5-1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
ffcall 1.10+cvs20100619-3 ppc64el (F)Log s390x (F)Log PTS BTS
fgetty 0.6-5build1 ppc64el (M)Log PTS BTS
fitgcp 0.0.20130418-2 s390x (M)Log PTS BTS
fleet 0.11.5+dfsg-1 s390x (F)Log PTS BTS
flexbar 2.50-2 s390x (M)Log PTS BTS
flexpart 9.02-11 amd64 (F)Log 1366681 PTS BTS
flint 2.5.2-3 amd64 (F)Log s390x (F)Log PTS BTS
floodlight 0.90+dfsg-0ubuntu3 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
font-manager 0.5.7-4 amd64 (F)Log ppc64el (F)Log s390x (F)Log PTS BTS
fprobe-ulog 1.1-7.3 amd64 (F)Log ppc64el (F)Log s390x (F)Log 1508237 PTS BTS
freebsd-buildutils 10.0-7ubuntu1 s390x (M)Log PTS BTS
freebsd-libs 10.1~svn273304-1 amd64 (F)Log ppc64el (F)Log s390x (F)Log PTS BTS
freehep-chartableconverter-plugin 2.0-7 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
freehep-export 2.1.1-2 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
freehep-graphics2d 2.1.1-4 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
freehep-graphicsio 2.1.1-3 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
freehep-graphicsio-emf 2.1.1-emfplus+dfsg1-2 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
freehep-graphicsio-java 2.1.1-1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
freehep-graphicsio-pdf 2.1.1+dfsg-1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
freehep-graphicsio-ps 2.1.1-1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
freehep-graphicsio-svg 2.1.1-3 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
freehep-graphicsio-swf 2.1.1+dfsg-1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
freehep-graphicsio-tests 2.1.1+dfsg1-3 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
freehep-io 2.0.2-4 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
freehep-swing 2.0.3-3 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
freehep-util 2.0.2-5 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
freehep-xml 2.1.2+dfsg1-3 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
freetennis 0.4.8-10build1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
freevo 1.9.2b2-4.2 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
frown 0.6.1-14 amd64 (F)Log ppc64el (F)Log s390x (F)Log PTS BTS
fuse-umfuse-ext2 0.4-1.1 ppc64el (M)Log s390x (M)Log PTS BTS
fuse-umfuse-fat 0.1a-1.1 ppc64el (M)Log s390x (M)Log PTS BTS
fuse-umfuse-iso9660 0.3-1.1 ppc64el (M)Log s390x (M)Log PTS BTS
fuzzylite 5.1+dfsg-1 amd64 (F)Log ppc64el (F)Log s390x (F)Log 1508793 PTS BTS
gazebo 6.5.0+dfsg-2build1 s390x (M)Log PTS BTS
gb 0.3.2-1 amd64 (F)Log ppc64el (F)Log s390x (F)Log PTS BTS
gbrainy 1:2.2.5-1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
gcc-defaults-ports 1.149ubuntu2 ppc64el (F)Log s390x (F)Log PTS BTS
gcc-m68hc1x 1:3.3.6+3.1+dfsg-3ubuntu1 ppc64el (F)Log PTS BTS
gcc-msp430 4.6.3~mspgcc-20120406-7ubuntu3 amd64 (F)Log ppc64el (F)Log s390x (F)Log PTS BTS
gcl 2.6.12-29 amd64 (F)Log s390x (F)Log PTS BTS
gdb-msp430 7.2a~mspgcc-20111205-3ubuntu1 amd64 (F)Log ppc64el (F)Log s390x (M)Log PTS BTS
geant321 1:3.21.14.dfsg-11 s390x (M)Log 1192907 PTS BTS
gearhead 1.100-3 ppc64el (M)Log s390x (M)Log PTS BTS
gearhead2 0.628-1ubuntu1 ppc64el (M)Log s390x (M)Log PTS BTS
genparse 0.9.1-1ubuntu1 amd64 (F)Log ppc64el (F)Log s390x (F)Log PTS BTS
gforth 0.7.2+dfsg1-1.1 ppc64el (M)Log s390x (M)Log PTS BTS
ghemical 3.0.0-1ubuntu2 s390x (M)Log PTS BTS
giira 0.0.20140210-2 ppc64el (M)Log s390x (M)Log PTS BTS
gimp-dimage-color 1.1.0-3.2ubuntu1 amd64 (F)Log ppc64el (F)Log s390x (F)Log PTS BTS
ginn 0.2.6-0ubuntu5 amd64 (F)Log ppc64el (F)Log s390x (F)Log PTS BTS
git-repair 1.20151215-1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
gluegen2 2.3.2-3 s390x (F)Log PTS BTS
gmetadom 0.2.6-6.2build1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
gmpc-plugins 11.8.16-2 amd64 (F)Log ppc64el (F)Log s390x (F)Log PTS BTS
gmt-doc-ps 3.4.4-1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
gnokii 0.6.31+dfsg-2ubuntu2 amd64 (F)Log ppc64el (F)Log s390x (F)Log PTS BTS
gnome-do 0.95.3-4 ppc64el (F)Log s390x (F)Log PTS BTS
gnome-phone-manager 0.69-2build3 s390x (M)Log PTS BTS
go-mtpfs 0.0~git20150802.0.3ef47f9-2 amd64 (F)Log s390x (F)Log PTS BTS
goget-ubuntu-touch 0.33-0ubuntu2 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
golang-doozer 0.0~git20130909-1 amd64 (F)Log ppc64el (F)Log s390x (F)Log PTS BTS
golang-gettext 0~git20130221-0ubuntu3 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
golang-ginkgo 1.2.0-1 s390x (F)Log PTS BTS
golang-git2go 0.0~git20150731.0.ed62fda-1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
golang-github-abh-geoip-dev 0.0~git20150611-2 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
golang-github-appc-spec 0.7.1+dfsg-1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
golang-github-armon-go-metrics 0.0~git20150601-1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
golang-github-armon-gomdb 0.0~git20150106.0.151f2e0-1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
golang-github-endophage-gotuf 0.0~git20151020.0.2df1c8e-1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
golang-github-go-xorm-core 0.4.4-1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
golang-github-hanwen-usb 0.0~git20141217.0.69aee45-2 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
golang-github-hashicorp-raft-mdb 0.0~git20150806.0.55f2947-1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
golang-github-hashicorp-serf 0.6.4~ds1-1 s390x (F)Log PTS BTS
golang-github-jacobsa-ogletest 0.0~git20150610-2 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
golang-github-jacobsa-util 0.0~git20150504-1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
golang-github-jinzhu-gorm 0.0~git20151012.0.20e37a0-1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
golang-github-miekg-pkcs11 0.0~git20151009.0.793689b-1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS 0.0~hg20140703-4 amd64 (F)Log ppc64el (F)Log s390x (F)Log 1409005 PTS BTS
golang-gocheck 0.0~bzr20131118+85-2 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
golang-golang-x-exp 0.0~git20150826.1.eb7c1fa-1 s390x (F)Log PTS BTS
golang-golang-x-tools 1:0.0~git20151026.0.0f9d71c-2 amd64 (F)Log s390x (F)Log PTS BTS
golang-goyaml 0.0~bzr50-1 s390x (F)Log 1431850 PTS BTS
golang-log4go 0.0~hg48-1 s390x (F)Log 1431851 PTS BTS
golang-openldap 0.2-1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
golang-protobuf-extensions 0+git20150513.fc2b8d3-3 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
golang-rrd 0.0~git20131112-1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
golint 0.0+git20150623.7b7f436-1 s390x (F)Log PTS BTS
gopacket 1.1.11-2 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
gossip 1.8-2 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
gosu 1.6-1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
gprolog 1.3.0-6.1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
gpsbabel 1.5.2-1ubuntu1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
gpt 1.1-2ubuntu2 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
gradle-debian-helper 1.1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
gradle-propdeps-plugin 0.0.7-2 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
gramophone2 0.8.13a-3ubuntu1 amd64 (F)Log ppc64el (F)Log s390x (F)Log PTS BTS
granule 1.4.0-7-5 amd64 (F)Log ppc64el (F)Log s390x (F)Log PTS BTS
graxxia 1.0~20150714-1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
groovy 2.0.0~beta2+isreally1.8.6-4ubuntu1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
groovycsv 1.0-1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
gross 1.0.2-4 s390x (F)Log PTS BTS
grpc 0.11.1-1 s390x (M)Log PTS BTS
gtk2hs-buildtools amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
gts 0.7.6+darcs121130-1.2 ppc64el (F)Log PTS BTS
guile-gnome-platform 2.16.2-2 amd64 (F)Log ppc64el (F)Log s390x (F)Log PTS BTS
gummiboot 48-1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
gurgitate-mail 1.10.0-1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
gwave 20090213-6 s390x (M)Log PTS BTS
gwhere 0.2.3.dfsg.1-4 amd64 (M)Log ppc64el (M)Log s390x (M)Log PTS BTS
hardinfo 0.5.1-1.4ubuntu1 amd64 (F)Log ppc64el (F)Log s390x (F)Log PTS BTS
haskell-bindings-sane 0.0.1-5build2 amd64 (F)Log ppc64el (F)Log s390x (F)Log PTS BTS
haskell-hledger-interest 1.4.4-4 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
haskell98-report 20080907-5 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
hasktags 0.69.1-3 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
headius-options 1.2-1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
hepmc 2.06.09-1 amd64 (F)Log ppc64el (F)Log s390x (F)Log PTS BTS
hexbox 1.5.0-4 amd64 (F)Log 1549261 PTS BTS
hol88 2.02.19940316-31 s390x (M)Log PTS BTS
hothasktags 0.3.3-4 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
hsc 1.0b-0ubuntu1 s390x (F)Log PTS BTS
htmlunit 2.8-1ubuntu2 amd64 (F)Log 1278116 PTS BTS
htrace 3.1.0-1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
htseq 0.5.4p3-2 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
httpcomponents-asyncclient 4.1-1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
ido-gtk2 amd64 (F)Log ppc64el (F)Log s390x (F)Log PTS BTS
imapcopy 1.04-2 ppc64el (M)Log s390x (M)Log PTS BTS
ion 3.2.1+dfsg-1 ppc64el (F)Log PTS BTS
iperf3 3.0.11-1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
istack-commons 2.17-1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
jackson-datatype-guava 2.4.2+dfsg-1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
jackson-datatype-joda 2.4.3-2 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
jackson-jaxrs-providers 2.4.2-1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
jackson-module-afterburner 2.4.3-1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
jarjar-maven-plugin 1.9-4 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
jas-plotter 2.2.6+dfsg1-2 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
jasypt 1.8-3 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
jatl 0.2.2-2 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
java-comment-preprocessor 5.3.3-1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
java-xmlbuilder 0.4-2 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
javacc-maven-plugin 2.6-2 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
javatuples 1.2-1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
javawriter 2.5.1-1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
jaxb-api 2.2.9-1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
jblas 1.2.3-6 ppc64el (F)Log PTS BTS
jboss-classfilewriter 1.1.2-1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
jboss-jdeparser2 2.0.0-1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
jboss-logging 3.3.0-1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
jboss-logging-tools 2.0.1-1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
jboss-logmanager 2.0.3-1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
jboss-modules 1.4.4-1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
jdresolve 0.6.1-4 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
jellydoc 1.5-4 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
jenkins-commons-jelly 1.1-jenkins-20120928-1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
jenkins-commons-jexl 1.1-jenkins-20111212-1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
jenkins-constant-pool-scanner 1.2-1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
jenkins-crypto-util 1.4-1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
jenkins-executable-war 1.29-1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
jenkins-htmlunit 2.6-jenkins-6-3fakesync1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
jenkins-htmlunit-core-js 2.6-hudson-1-1fakesync1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
jenkins-json 2.4-jenkins-3-4 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
jenkins-memory-monitor 1.9-1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
jenkins-remoting 2.45-1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
jenkins-task-reactor 1.4-1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
jenkins-test-annotations 1.1-1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
jenkins-trilead-ssh2 217-jenkins-7-1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
jenkins-winstone 2.9-1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
jeromq 0.3.5-1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
jersey1 1.19-2 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
jgit 3.7.1-1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
jglobus 2.1.0-3 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
jline2 2.11-4 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
jnr-constants 0.8.6-7 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
jnr-enxio 0.9-1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
jnr-ffi 1.0.10-4 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
jnr-netdb 1.1.4-2 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
jnr-posix 3.0.12-2 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
jnr-unixsocket 0.8-1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
jnr-x86asm 1.0.2-5 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
jruby 1.7.22-1ubuntu1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
js-of-ocaml 2.5-2 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
jsap 2.1-1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
jsemver 0.9.0-1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
jsonm 0.9.1-1build1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
jtidy 7+svn20110807-4 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
jts 1.13+ds-1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
juju-jitsu 0.20-1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
k3b 2.0.3-0ubuntu3 amd64 (F)Log ppc64el (F)Log s390x (F)Log PTS BTS
kadu-mime-tex 1.0-2 amd64 (F)Log ppc64el (F)Log s390x (F)Log PTS BTS
kalzium 4:15.08.2-0ubuntu2 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
kannel-sqlbox 0.7.2-4 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
kdesdk-kioslaves 4:15.08.2-0ubuntu1 amd64 (F)Log ppc64el (F)Log s390x (F)Log PTS BTS
kdgcommons-java 1.0.14-1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
kdiff3 0.9.98-1 amd64 (F)Log ppc64el (F)Log s390x (F)Log PTS BTS
kepas 0.9.3-0ubuntu5 amd64 (M)Log ppc64el (M)Log s390x (M)Log PTS BTS
kgb-bot 1.33-2ubuntu1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
kile 4:2.1.3-2ubuntu3 amd64 (F)Log ppc64el (F)Log s390x (F)Log PTS BTS
kindleclip 0.5-1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
kingston-update-notifier 1.2.4 amd64 (M)Log ppc64el (M)Log s390x (M)Log PTS BTS
kmc 2.0+dfsg-2 amd64 (F)Log ppc64el (F)Log s390x (F)Log PTS BTS
kmetronome 0.10.1-1 amd64 (F)Log ppc64el (F)Log s390x (F)Log PTS BTS
kmidimon 0.7.5-1 amd64 (F)Log ppc64el (F)Log s390x (F)Log PTS BTS
kqoauth 0.98-0ubuntu1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
krdc 4:15.08.2-0ubuntu2 s390x (M)Log PTS BTS
kubuntu-meta 1.331 s390x (F)Log PTS BTS
kubuntu-web-shortcuts 15.04ubuntu1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
kumofs 0.4.13-6.1 ppc64el (F)Log 1065122 PTS BTS
kvmtool 0.20151104-1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
kyotocabinet 1.2.76-4.1 ppc64el (F)Log PTS BTS
laby 0.6.3-1build2 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
lambdabot amd64 (F)Log ppc64el (M)Log s390x (M)Log PTS BTS
latex-cjk-japanese-wadalab 0.20050817-16 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
latex-mk 2.1-1.3 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
ldap2dns 0.3.1-3.1 amd64 (F)Log ppc64el (F)Log s390x (F)Log PTS BTS
lebiniou 3.22-1build1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
lhapdf 5.9.1-4 amd64 (F)Log s390x (F)Log PTS BTS
lhs2tex 1.19-2 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
libajaxtags-java 1.5.1-3 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
libandroid-json-org-java 20121204-20090211-2 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
libapache2-mod-authn-yubikey 1.0-1.1 amd64 (F)Log ppc64el (F)Log s390x (F)Log 1265276 PTS BTS
libb2 0.97-2 ppc64el (F)Log s390x (F)Log PTS BTS
libblocksruntime 0.4.1-1 ppc64el (F)Log s390x (F)Log PTS BTS
libcodemodel-java 2.6-1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
libcommons-collections4-java 4.1-1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
libcommons-fileupload-java 1.3.1-2 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
libcommons-lang3-java 3.4-1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
libcommons-validator-java 1:1.5.0-1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
libconcurrentlinkedhashmap-java 1.1~jdk5-1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
libdebug-client-perl 0.29-2 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
libdecentxml-java 1.4-2 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
libdevel-ebug-perl 0.56-1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
libdispatch 0~svn197-3.3ubuntu2 s390x (M)Log PTS BTS
libexplain 1.4.D001-2 ppc64el (F)Log PTS BTS
libgedcom-perl 1.19-2 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
libgettext-commons-java 0.9.6-3 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
libgnupg-perl 0.19-1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
libgoogle-gson-java 2.4-1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
libgrapple 0.9.1-0ubuntu3 amd64 (M)Log ppc64el (M)Log s390x (M)Log PTS BTS
libhibernate-commons-annotations-java 3.2.0.Final-3 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
libhibernate-validator-java 4.2.1-2 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
libhibernate3-java 3.6.10.Final-4 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
libhtml-calendarmonth-perl 1.26-1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
libhttp-daemon-ssl-perl 1.04-3 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
libical-parser-sax-perl 1.09-3 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
libitext5-java 5.5.6-2 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
libjcode-perl 2.13-3 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
libjgoodies-common-java 1.4.0-2 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
libjgoodies-forms-java 1.6.0-4 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
libjgoodies-looks-java 2.5.2-3 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
libjogl2-java 2.3.2+dfsg-4 s390x (F)Log PTS BTS
libjrosetta-java 1.0.4-4 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
libjuniversalchardet-java 1.0.3-1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
libkqueue 2.0.3-1.1 s390x (F)Log PTS BTS
libldm 0.2.3-3 ppc64el (F)Log PTS BTS
libmakefile-parser-perl 0.215-2 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
libmiglayout-java 4.2-1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
libmongodbx-class-perl 1.030002-1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
libmygpo-qt 1.0.7-0ubuntu2 amd64 (F)Log ppc64el (F)Log s390x (F)Log PTS BTS
libomxalsa 0.1-2 amd64 (F)Log ppc64el (F)Log s390x (F)Log 1279945 PTS BTS
libomxvorbis 0.1-3 amd64 (F)Log ppc64el (F)Log s390x (F)Log 1279948 PTS BTS
libowasp-antisamy-java 1.5.3+dfsg-1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
libowasp-esapi-java 2.1.0-2 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
libowfat 0.29-4 ppc64el (M)Log PTS BTS
libpam4j 1.4-2 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
libqtgconf 0.1-0ubuntu5 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
libquartz-java 1:1.8.6-1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
librcps 0.3-0ubuntu3 amd64 (F)Log ppc64el (F)Log s390x (F)Log PTS BTS
librep 0.90.2-1.4ubuntu3 ppc64el (F)Log s390x (F)Log PTS BTS
librevisa 0.0.20130812-2 s390x (F)Log PTS BTS
libsearch-estraier-perl 0.09-5 amd64 (F)Log 1508306 PTS BTS
libsequence-library-java 1.0.3-1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
libsigc++-1.2 1.2.7-2ubuntu1 ppc64el (F)Log PTS BTS
libspe2 2.2.80-95-3.1ubuntu7 amd64 (F)Log ppc64el (F)Log s390x (F)Log PTS BTS
libswingx-java 1:1.6.2-2 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
libtermkey 0.18-1 s390x (F)Log PTS BTS
libtext-vimcolor-perl 0.11-2 amd64 (F)Log ppc64el (F)Log s390x (F)Log 1507744 PTS BTS
libtruth-java 0.7.0-1 amd64 (F)Log 1507746 PTS BTS
libv8-3.14 amd64 (F)Log ppc64el (F)Log 1435432 PTS BTS
libxbean-java 4.5-1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
libxml-easyobj-perl 1.12-3 amd64 (F)Log 1507747 PTS BTS
libxml-security-java 1.5.6-1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
libxml-validate-perl 1.025-2 amd64 (F)Log 1507749 PTS BTS
libxmlrpc3-java 3.1.3-7 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
libxs 1.2.0-1.1ubuntu1 s390x (F)Log PTS BTS
liece 2.0+0.20030527cvs-11.2 amd64 (F)Log ppc64el (F)Log s390x (F)Log PTS BTS
lightcouch 0.0.6-1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
likwid 3.1.3+dfsg1-1 amd64 (F)Log ppc64el (F)Log s390x (F)Log PTS BTS
linssid 2.7-3 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
livetribe-jsr223 2.0.6-1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
liwc 1.21-1 amd64 (F)Log ppc64el (F)Log PTS BTS
lnav 0.7.0-3build1 amd64 (F)Log ppc64el (F)Log s390x (F)Log PTS BTS
localizer 1.13-2 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
location-service 3.0.0-0ubuntu4 s390x (M)Log PTS BTS
logkeys 0.1.1a+git5ef6b0dcb9e3-2 s390x (F)Log PTS BTS
lua-lgi amd64 (F)Log ppc64el (F)Log PTS BTS
lwjgl 2.7.1+dfsg-4 amd64 (F)Log ppc64el (F)Log s390x (F)Log PTS BTS
lwt 2.5.0+1-1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
mac-fdisk 0.1-16ubuntu3 ppc64el (F)Log PTS BTS
maliit-plugins 0.99.0+git20130524+73edacd-0ubuntu2 amd64 (F)Log ppc64el (F)Log s390x (F)Log PTS BTS
marionnet 0.90.6+bzr457-1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
maven-ant-tasks 2.1.3-4 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
maven-antrun-extended-plugin 1.42-1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
maven-antrun-plugin 1.7-1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
maven-archiver 2.6-3 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
maven-bundle-plugin 2.5.4-3 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
maven-clean-plugin 2.5-1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
maven-common-artifact-filters 1.4-1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
maven-compiler-plugin-2.5 2.5.1-4 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
maven-dependency-tree 2.1-1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
maven-deploy-plugin 2.8.2-1 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
maven-docck-plugin 1.0-5 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
maven-doxia-tools 1.2.1-2 amd64 (F)Log PTS BTS
maven-ear-plugin 2.8-1 amd64 (F)Log