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Package Version Set? Ports archive Bugs
0ad 0~r11339-1 armhf (M)Log armel (M)Log PTS BTS
adabrowse 4.0.3-5 armhf (M)Log PTS BTS
adacgi 1.6-16 armhf (M)Log PTS BTS
adacontrol 1.12r4-2 armhf (M)Log PTS BTS
adasockets 1.8.9-1 armhf (M)Log PTS BTS
apq 3.2.0-1 armhf (M)Log PTS BTS
apq-postgresql 3.2.0-2 armhf (M)Log PTS BTS
asis 2010-3 armhf (M)Log PTS BTS
audacious-plugins 3.2.1-4 armhf (M)Log PTS BTS
axiom 20120301-3 armel (F)Log PTS BTS
ball 1.4.1+20111206-3 armhf (F)Log armel (F)Log 935038 PTS BTS
bino 1.2.1-2 armhf (F)Log armel (F)Log 935040 PTS BTS
buildapp 1.4.2-1 armhf (M)Log armel (M)Log PTS BTS
caret 5.6.4~dfsg.1-1ubuntu3 armhf (F)Log armel (F)Log 841506 PTS BTS
cernlib 20061220+dfsg3-2 armhf (F)Log armel (F)Log 841531 PTS BTS
clam-chordata 1.0.0-2 armhf (M)Log armel (M)Log PTS BTS
clam-networkeditor 1.4.0-3ubuntu1 armhf (F)Log armel (F)Log 791317 PTS BTS
clementine 1.0.1+dfsg-1ubuntu2 armhf (M)Log armel (F)Log PTS BTS
clisp 1:2.49-8.1 armel (F)Log 745855 PTS BTS
collectd 4.10.1-2.1ubuntu7 armhf (F)Log 935059 PTS BTS
compizconfig-backend-kconfig 0.9.2-0ubuntu1 armhf (F)Log 935061 PTS BTS
coq 8.3.pl4+dfsg-1 armhf (F)Log 935063 PTS BTS
cqrlog 1.2.2-2ubuntu1 armhf (M)Log armel (F)Log PTS BTS
cuyo 2.0.0brl1-1 armhf (F)Log 945392 PTS BTS
deal.ii 6.3.1-1.1 armhf (M)Log armel (M)Log 935065 PTS BTS
diagnostics 0.3.3-1.2ubuntu1 armhf (F)Log PTS BTS
dozzaqueux 3.21-2 armhf (M)Log PTS BTS
easymp3gain 0.5.0-6 armhf (M)Log PTS BTS
elmerfem 6.1.0.svn.5396.dfsg-2ubuntu1 armhf (F)Log armel (F)Log 842102 PTS BTS
eris 1.3.14-3 armhf (F)Log 935079 PTS BTS
feel++ 0.91.0~svn7215-3build1 armhf (F)Log armel (F)Log 811024 PTS BTS
fgfs-atlas 0.3.1+cvs20120214-0ubuntu1 armhf (M)Log armel (M)Log PTS BTS
fgrun 1.6.0-1 armhf (M)Log armel (M)Log PTS BTS
flightgear 2.4.0-1 armhf (M)Log armel (M)Log PTS BTS
flint 1.011-2 armhf (F)Log 860882 PTS BTS
fmit 0.99.2-1 armhf (F)Log armel (F)Log 935089 PTS BTS
forked-daapd 0.19gcd-2ubuntu1 armhf (F)Log PTS BTS
fpc 2.4.4-3.1 armhf (M)Log PTS BTS
fracplanet 0.4.0-1.1ubuntu2 armhf (F)Log armel (F)Log 941062 PTS BTS
fraqtive 0.4.5-6 armhf (F)Log armel (F)Log 791280 PTS BTS
freecad 0.12.5284-dfsg-5ubuntu1 armhf (M)Log armel (F)Log 841509 PTS BTS
freemat 4.0-3ubuntu1 armhf (F)Log armel (F)Log PTS BTS
fuse-umfuse-ext2 0.3-1 armhf (M)Log armel (M)Log PTS BTS
fuse-umfuse-fat 0.1a-1 armhf (M)Log armel (M)Log PTS BTS
fuse-umfuse-iso9660 0.2b-1.1build1 armhf (M)Log armel (M)Log PTS BTS
gambc 4.2.8-1.1 armhf (F)Log armel (F)Log 935094 PTS BTS
gcc-mingw-w64 5ubuntu1 armel (F)Log PTS BTS
gdb-msp430 7.2~mspgcc-7.2-20110612-1ubuntu1 armhf (M)Log armel (M)Log 935098 PTS BTS
gdc-4.6 0.29.1-4.6.3-1ubuntu1 armhf (F)Log armel (F)Log 935100 PTS BTS
geant321 1:3.21.14.dfsg-9build1 armhf (M)Log PTS BTS
gearhead 1.100-2ubuntu1 armhf (M)Log PTS BTS
gearhead2 0.628-1ubuntu1 armhf (M)Log PTS BTS
gecko-mediaplayer 1.0.4-2ubuntu1 armhf (F)Log 935501 PTS BTS
getdp 2.1.0-1build1 armhf (F)Log armel (F)Log 745853 PTS BTS
ghc-mod 1.0.5-1 armhf (M)Log armel (M)Log PTS BTS
gitit 0.9-1ubuntu1 armhf (M)Log armel (M)Log PTS BTS
gle-graphics 4.2.3b-2ubuntu1 armhf (F)Log armel (F)Log 940842 PTS BTS
gnade 1.6.2-9 armhf (M)Log PTS BTS
gnat-4.6 4.6.3-1ubuntu3 armhf (F)Log PTS BTS
gnat-gps 5.0-6 armhf (M)Log PTS BTS
goldencheetah 2.1-3 armhf (M)Log armel (F)Log 841530 PTS BTS
gprbuild 2011-1 armhf (M)Log PTS BTS
guest-templates 0.1-3 armhf (M)Log armel (M)Log PTS BTS
guile-2.0 2.0.5+1-1 armhf (F)Log armel (F)Log 935160 PTS BTS
haskell-cabal-file-th 0.2.1-2 armhf (M)Log armel (M)Log PTS BTS
haskell-chart 0.15-1 armhf (M)Log armel (M)Log PTS BTS
haskell-clientsession armhf (M)Log armel (M)Log PTS BTS
haskell-data-accessor-template armhf (M)Log armel (M)Log PTS BTS
haskell-file-embed armhf (M)Log armel (M)Log PTS BTS
haskell-hakyll armhf (M)Log armel (M)Log PTS BTS
haskell-hamlet 0.10.8-1 armhf (M)Log armel (M)Log PTS BTS
haskell-happstack 6.1.8-1 armhf (M)Log armel (M)Log PTS BTS
haskell-happstack-data 6.0.1-1build1 armhf (M)Log armel (M)Log PTS BTS
haskell-happstack-ixset 6.0.1-2 armhf (M)Log armel (M)Log PTS BTS
haskell-happstack-server 6.6.3-1 armhf (M)Log armel (M)Log PTS BTS
haskell-happstack-state 6.1.4-1 armhf (M)Log armel (M)Log PTS BTS
haskell-happstack-util 6.0.3-1 armhf (M)Log armel (M)Log PTS BTS
haskell-haxr 3000.8.5-1 armhf (M)Log armel (M)Log PTS BTS
haskell-hledger-chart 0.16.1-3 armhf (M)Log armel (M)Log PTS BTS
haskell-hledger-web 0.17.2~0307-2 armhf (M)Log armel (M)Log PTS BTS
haskell-llvm armhf (M)Log armel (M)Log PTS BTS
haskell-path-pieces 0.1.0-1 armhf (M)Log armel (M)Log PTS BTS
haskell-persistent armhf (M)Log armel (M)Log PTS BTS
haskell-persistent-template armhf (M)Log armel (M)Log PTS BTS
haskell-shakespeare armhf (M)Log armel (M)Log PTS BTS
haskell-shakespeare-css 0.10.7-1 armhf (M)Log armel (M)Log PTS BTS
haskell-shakespeare-i18n 0.0.1-1 armhf (M)Log armel (M)Log PTS BTS
haskell-shakespeare-js armhf (M)Log armel (M)Log PTS BTS
haskell-shakespeare-text 0.10.5-1 armhf (M)Log armel (M)Log PTS BTS
haskell-syb-with-class-instances-text 0.0.1-3 armhf (M)Log armel (M)Log PTS BTS
haskell-test-framework-th 0.2.2-4 armhf (F)Log armel (F)Log PTS BTS
haskell-type-level 0.2.4-4 armhf (M)Log armel (M)Log PTS BTS
haskell-wai-app-static 1.1.2-1 armhf (M)Log armel (M)Log PTS BTS
haskell-yesod armhf (M)Log armel (M)Log PTS BTS
haskell-yesod-auth armhf (M)Log armel (M)Log PTS BTS
haskell-yesod-core armhf (M)Log armel (M)Log PTS BTS
haskell-yesod-default 0.6.1-1 armhf (M)Log armel (M)Log PTS BTS
haskell-yesod-form 0.4.2-1 armhf (M)Log armel (M)Log PTS BTS
haskell-yesod-json 0.3.1-1 armhf (M)Log armel (M)Log PTS BTS
haskell-yesod-persistent 0.3.1-1 armhf (M)Log armel (M)Log PTS BTS
haskell-yesod-routes 0.0.1-1 armhf (M)Log armel (M)Log PTS BTS
haskell-yesod-static 0.10.1-1 armhf (M)Log armel (M)Log PTS BTS
hedgewars 0.9.17-1 armhf (M)Log PTS BTS
helium 1.7~pre20090428-3ubuntu1 armhf (M)Log armel (M)Log PTS BTS
ifrit 3.3.4-2build3 armhf (F)Log armel (F)Log 797751 PTS BTS
illuminator 0.11.0-8ubuntu4 armhf (F)Log armel (F)Log PTS BTS
imagevis3d 2.0.1-4ubuntu2 armhf (F)Log armel (F)Log 945003 PTS BTS
imapcopy 1.04-1 armhf (M)Log PTS BTS
kcometen4 1.0.7-1 armhf (F)Log 935208 PTS BTS
lambdabot armhf (F)Log armel (F)Log PTS BTS
ldc 0.9.2+hg1655-0ubuntu4 armhf (M)Log PTS BTS
libaunit 1.03-7 armhf (M)Log PTS BTS
libcitygml 0.1.3+r121-1+3p0p1build1 armhf (M)Log armel (M)Log PTS BTS
libdevel-bt-perl 0.05-1build1 armhf (F)Log 842640 PTS BTS
libdispatch 0~svn197-3ubuntu1 armhf (F)Log PTS BTS
libflorist 2011-1 armhf (M)Log PTS BTS
libgmpada 0.0.20110925-2 armhf (M)Log PTS BTS
libgtkada 2.24.1-2 armhf (M)Log PTS BTS
libjogl2-java 2.0-rc3-7 armhf (F)Log armel (F)Log PTS BTS
liblog4ada 1.2-2 armhf (M)Log PTS BTS
libmesh 0.7.1-2ubuntu1 armhf (M)Log armel (M)Log PTS BTS
libncursesada 5.9.20110404-3 armhf (M)Log PTS BTS
libomxalsa 0.1-2 armhf (F)Log PTS BTS
libomxvorbis 0.1-3 armhf (F)Log PTS BTS
libomxxvideo 0.1-2 armhf (F)Log 911774 PTS BTS
libqglviewer 2.3.4-4ubuntu2 armhf (F)Log armel (F)Log PTS BTS
libtango 0.99.9.dfsg-1 armhf (M)Log 935267 PTS BTS
libtemplates-parser 11.6-2 armhf (M)Log PTS BTS
libtexttools 2.0.7-2 armhf (M)Log PTS BTS
libxmlada 4.1-1 armhf (M)Log PTS BTS
libxmlezout 1.06.1-5 armhf (M)Log PTS BTS
lttng-tools 2.0.1-0ubuntu1 armel (M)Log PTS BTS
lttng-ust 2.0.2-0ubuntu1 armel (M)Log PTS BTS
massif-visualizer 0.3-0ubuntu1 armhf (F)Log armel (F)Log 935294 PTS BTS
mclibs 20061220+dfsg3-1build1 armhf (M)Log PTS BTS
meshlab 1.3.0a+dfsg1-2 armhf (F)Log armel (F)Log 791252 PTS BTS
mingw32 4.2.1.dfsg-2ubuntu1 armhf (F)Log 934948 PTS BTS
mlton 20100608-5ubuntu1 armhf (F)Log PTS BTS
mm3d 1.3.7-1.2ubuntu1 armhf (F)Log armel (F)Log 945356 PTS BTS
mricron 0.20110812.1~dfsg.1-1 armhf (M)Log PTS BTS
mudlet 2.0-rc12-1ubuntu1 armhf (F)Log armel (F)Log PTS BTS
music123 16.3-2 armhf (M)Log PTS BTS
ns2 2.35~rc10+dfsg-1 armhf (F)Log 935008 PTS BTS
nsis 2.46-7 armhf (F)Log PTS BTS
nwchem 6.0-1 armhf (F)Log armel (F)Log 791308 PTS BTS
obnam 0.24.1-1 armhf (F)Log 935016 PTS BTS
openscenegraph 3.0.1-2 armhf (F)Log armel (F)Log PTS BTS
opentoken 4.0b-3 armhf (M)Log PTS BTS
openvas-plugins-dfsg 1:20100705-2 armhf (F)Log PTS BTS
openwalnut 1.2.5-1 armhf (M)Log armel (M)Log PTS BTS
optgeo 2.10-1 armhf (M)Log armel (F)Log 935351 PTS BTS
orpie 1.5.1-9 armhf (M)Log PTS BTS
osgearth 2.0+dfsg-4build1 armhf (M)Log armel (M)Log PTS BTS
ossim 1.7.21-3ubuntu2 armhf (M)Log armel (M)Log PTS BTS
ovito 0.9.2-1build2 armhf (F)Log armel (F)Log 809758 935353 PTS BTS
packagesearch 2.6build2 armhf (F)Log 935354 PTS BTS
paw 1:2.14.04.dfsg.2-7ubuntu1 armhf (M)Log PTS BTS
pcscada 0.7.1-1 armhf (M)Log PTS BTS
pdb2pqr 1.7-2 armhf (F)Log armel (F)Log 935357 PTS BTS
phonefsod 0.1+git20100802-2ubuntu2 armhf (M)Log PTS BTS
pianobooster 0.6.4-3 armhf (F)Log armel (F)Log 935363 PTS BTS
pivy 0.5.0~v609hg-1 armhf (M)Log PTS BTS
projectm 2.0.1+dfsg-12 armhf (F)Log armel (F)Log 791304 PTS BTS
pyg 0.9.7build2 armhf (F)Log 935378 PTS BTS
pylucene 2.3.1-1.1ubuntu2 armhf (F)Log 935380 PTS BTS
pypy 1.8+dfsg-2 armhf (F)Log armel (F)Log 945353 PTS BTS
pyqwt3d 0.1.7~cvs20090625-8 armhf (M)Log armel (F)Log 791239 PTS BTS
qantenna 0.2.3-1ubuntu1 armhf (F)Log armel (F)Log 791264 PTS BTS
qcake 0.7.2-2build1 armhf (F)Log 935392 PTS BTS
qi 20111113-1 armel (F)Log PTS BTS
qlandkartegt 1.2.3-1build1 armhf (F)Log armel (F)Log 840288 PTS BTS
qmmp 0.5.2-2 armhf (M)Log armel (F)Log 791300 PTS BTS
qpid-cpp 0.14-2 armhf (F)Log armel (F)Log 945365 PTS BTS
qtiplot armhf (F)Log armel (F)Log 736944 PTS BTS
qwtplot3d 0.2.7+svn191-5ubuntu2 armhf (F)Log armel (F)Log 791301 PTS BTS
rjava 0.9-3-1 armhf (F)Log armel (F)Log 935408 PTS BTS
rtai 3.8.1-4build1 armel (F)Log 745881 PTS BTS
ruby-ffi 1.0.11debian-3 armhf (F)Log PTS BTS
ruby-gherkin 2.4.6-1 armhf (F)Log armel (F)Log 935409 PTS BTS
sailcut 1.3.5-2 armhf (F)Log armel (F)Log 791259 PTS BTS
scidavis 0.2.4-3.2ubuntu1 armhf (M)Log armel (F)Log PTS BTS
scilab-scimysql 0.1.1-3build1 armhf (F)Log 935434 PTS BTS
sdpa 7.3.5.dfsg-1build1 armhf (F)Log 935439 PTS BTS
setools 3.3.6.ds-7.2ubuntu4 armhf (F)Log 935440 PTS BTS
simgear 2.4.0-1 armhf (M)Log armel (M)Log PTS BTS
sipwitch 1.0.3-1 armhf (F)Log armel (F)Log 935443 PTS BTS
slang-slirp 1.9.8-1.1build1 armhf (F)Log armel (F)Log 831245 PTS BTS
sofa-framework 1.0~beta4-6 armhf (F)Log armel (F)Log 791272 PTS BTS
soqt 1.5.0-2 armhf (F)Log armel (F)Log 791322 PTS BTS
spark 2011.0.deb-5 armhf (F)Log PTS BTS
stellarium 0.11.0-1 armhf (F)Log armel (F)Log 841503 PTS BTS
stlport5.2 5.2.1-5.1 armhf (F)Log armel (F)Log 791288 PTS BTS
structure-synth 1.5.0-1 armhf (F)Log 935451 PTS BTS
tetzle 2.0.0-1 armhf (F)Log armel (F)Log 935473 PTS BTS
thoggen 0.7.1-1ubuntu1 armhf (F)Log 911771 PTS BTS
topal 75-1 armhf (M)Log PTS BTS
transgui 3.2-1ubuntu1 armhf (M)Log PTS BTS
tulip 3.1.2-2.3ubuntu3 armhf (F)Log armel (F)Log 945350 PTS BTS
tuxcmd 0.6.70+dfsg-1 armhf (F)Log PTS BTS
tuxcmd-modules 0.6.70+ds-2build1 armhf (M)Log PTS BTS
ubuntu-sugar-remix-meta 0.5 armhf (F)Log 829469 PTS BTS
uns armhf (F)Log 756096 PTS BTS
util-vserver 0.30.216-pre2864-2ubuntu1 armhf (F)Log armel (F)Log 945385 PTS BTS
uuagc armhf (F)Log armel (F)Log PTS BTS
vite 1.2-3 armhf (F)Log armel (F)Log 935482 PTS BTS
vnc4 4.1.1+xorg4.3.0-37ubuntu4 armhf (F)Log armel (F)Log 945368 PTS BTS
vxl 1.14.0-14 armhf (F)Log armel (F)Log 945375 PTS BTS
winff 1.4.1-1 armhf (M)Log PTS BTS
xbmc 2:11.0~git20120423.cd20772-1 armel (F)Log PTS BTS
xcp-storage-managers 0.1.1-2ubuntu1 armhf (M)Log armel (M)Log PTS BTS
xcp-vncterm 0.1-2 armhf (M)Log armel (M)Log PTS BTS
xen-api 1.3.2-5 armhf (M)Log armel (M)Log PTS BTS
xen-api-libs 0.5.2-3 armhf (M)Log armel (M)Log PTS BTS
xflr5 6.05-1 armhf (F)Log armel (F)Log 791234 PTS BTS
xindy 2.4-1.1 armhf (M)Log armel (M)Log PTS BTS
xserver-xorg-video-glide 1.2.0-1 armhf (M)Log armel (M)Log PTS BTS
yabause 0.9.11-1 armhf (F)Log 945348 PTS BTS
yade 0.70.0-5 armhf (M)Log armel (F)Log 791298 PTS BTS
yafaray 0.1.2~beta2-1 armhf (F)Log armel (F)Log 945384 PTS BTS
zfs-fuse 0.6.9-1build1 armhf (F)Log armel (F)Log 791292 PTS BTS
ztex-bmp 20110912-1 armhf (M)Log PTS BTS

multiverse: 1 packages (top)

Package Version Set? Ports archive Bugs
cuneiform 1.1.0+dfsg-2 armhf (F)Log armel (F)Log 791305 PTS BTS


edubuntu: 2 packages (top)

Package Version Set? Ports archive Bugs
stellarium 0.11.0-1 armhf (F)Log armel (F)Log 841503 PTS BTS
vnc4 4.1.1+xorg4.3.0-37ubuntu4 armhf (F)Log armel (F)Log 945368 PTS BTS

lubuntu: 3 packages (top)

Package Version Set? Ports archive Bugs
audacious-plugins 3.2.1-4 armhf (M)Log PTS BTS
gecko-mediaplayer 1.0.4-2ubuntu1 armhf (F)Log 935501 PTS BTS
projectm 2.0.1+dfsg-12 armhf (F)Log armel (F)Log 791304 PTS BTS

ubuntustudio: 2 packages (top)

Package Version Set? Ports archive Bugs
audacious-plugins 3.2.1-4 armhf (M)Log PTS BTS
projectm 2.0.1+dfsg-12 armhf (F)Log armel (F)Log 791304 PTS BTS

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